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Posted - 03/16/2010 :  21:36:45  Reply with Quote
Toronto has to be the team I hate the most. Not due to the city being ugly, but due to the team getting the best times; also Burke trying to steal the Sedins before Legalized and not getting fined. As a Canucks fan i can not hate them but i can understand people hating the Canucks due to them starting to get the special our time treatment which i believe is stupid. (LOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU)
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Posted - 03/16/2010 :  21:40:23  Reply with Quote

I'm a Canucks fan, so obviously I'm biased. I have never understood the 'hate' for the Canucks and Beans, you're right, it all sounds irrational to me.

Don't like the Lu chants? and the fact that we cheer our team on even though they haven't won anything?

Sorry for cheering our team on regardless of whether they are winning. Sorry for not being a bandwagon jumper? So all Canucks fans should NOT cheer and support their team? That really clears it all up. That's a much more rational approach.

You'll probably say that fans are supporting their team as if they won something - what does that even mean? How do you cheer as if your team hasn't won?

Fat elvis, you're right, SOME Canucks fans are stupid. Point me to the team that doesn't have any.
I agree with this to an extent i mean what is wrong with the Lou chants
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Posted - 05/05/2010 :  01:27:53  Reply with Quote
habs for sure
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Posted - 05/05/2010 :  04:14:53  Reply with Quote
Ok i hate the habs , only cause im a bruin fan and anyone who is a bruin fan hates the habs. I also hate anyone who has made any decisions at all for the leafs for the last ten years at least, with the exception of burke cause he needs time to see how his ideas work out and he at least has a plan. I mean come on its hard to stay a leaf fan when they never make the playoffs anymore , every april its the big let down. And who fires Pat Quinn after all the success he had, he built a stanley cup contender who may have won had they not been raviged with injuries. And who gets rid of Tucker, i dont care what ya say, good canadian boy! Ok im making a trade Kaberle straight up for Cody Hodgson, Vancouver cant see what they have there and we need offence in t.o. Whos the meathead out there, is it dave nonis still ? not sure which one said it , "didnt have anything to do with the back issue, he's just wasn't good enuff" Hello idiot!!! nice cover up, Well trade him to Toronto then. Ok does it sound like i hate the "nucks" , well ...............gettn there.
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Posted - 05/05/2010 :  04:26:31  Reply with Quote
The Flyers have always been the most hated team. A tough team no matter who wears the jersey and fans who would throw rocks at even the pope if he were to cheer for the other team.
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Posted - 05/05/2010 :  12:02:15  Reply with Quote
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Posted - 05/07/2010 :  16:05:05  Reply with Quote
I'm a Toronto fan and I really don't hate any team. I dislike teams but I can stand every team. As a leafs fan, I obvuisly dislike the sens and habs. As a hockey fan I dislike the Flyers becuase they are known as the Broadstreet Bullies for a reason. I respect players like Richards, Briere, Carter, and Gagne. But player like Carcillo and Cote make the team easy to dislike. Plus I don't like the way their fans act at all.

Honestly, this though you get mad at the Leafs for hogging air time. Blame that on the channel not the team, you guys act like the Leafs paid the channel.

Alot of your arguments are valid. You may dislike Burke but he is still a good GM either way. Whoever talked about the Sedin's donating, there is a lot of teams who donate too. The Leafs

I'm sorry that you guys have come across 14 year old Leafs fans who are ignorant, but trust me when Toronto becomes good again. (Hopefully), bandwagons will run wild.

Maybe we will win the cup in 30 years... maybe.
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186 Posts

Posted - 05/07/2010 :  16:15:34  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by Beans15

I "hate" to say it, but in the Canadian media, Vancouver has taken over for Montreal to comfortably sit in that #2 spot for the 'we are the centre of the universe' type of attitude.

I will never forget a news report from a few years ago. I can't recall the series they were play, maybe Dallas?? Anyway, there was a fan coming out of GM place that the camera's caught and the meatball was talking about how horrible Luongo was, the team was, and that the Canucks were crap. I believe the Cancuck's lost to be down 2-0 in the series. Then, after Vancouver stole 2 in Dalls, the exact same fan was on the camera going into GM place for game 5 talking about the Cup!!

I know it's irrational, but I don't care.

And the 'nucks" is about the dumbest short name for a sports team in the entire world.

What the hell is a "Nuck???"

Whats an Oil?

Oh right. Its an abreviation of Oilers. I guess that means "Nuck" is a shortened version of Canucks. Does that help Beans?
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Posted - 05/07/2010 :  21:24:48  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
No, it really doesn't help.

Oil is actually a word. Is Nuck??? You can't even say a Nuck is an off-word like Leafs.

And Nucks is still dumb. The good thing is that I'll only have to hear about it for another few days. Chicago lays another beating down on those "Nucks" who will be setting up tee times by Monday.

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PickupHockey Legend

5922 Posts

Posted - 05/08/2010 :  01:10:48  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Sorry Beans, the NUCKS might be golfing soon, but you're stuck with me cuz i'm not going anywhere! Therefore, you're stuck with the 'Nucks for the foreseeable future.....

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Posted - 03/12/2011 :  13:31:14  Reply with Quote
The Flyers. As a Leafs fan, they always beat the Leafs during crucial games. Like in the playoffs.
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Posted - 03/12/2011 :  14:49:09  Reply with Quote
just to clear one thing up from stated much earlier Willie Mitchell is not a Canuck he has been on LA for a year and I see why ppl say burrows is a diver..tho his game has changed a lot this year... but kesler? this guys an elite world class player if you have beef it's simply because your team lacks a similar scoring threat
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PickupHockey Pro

525 Posts

Posted - 03/12/2011 :  15:01:16  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Guest, just to clear something up to you: There is a line of text at the top of every post defining the date and time of the post-Willie Mitchell was still a Canuck at the time of the posts, since they were made in 2010, during the 09-10 season.
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PickupHockey Pro

584 Posts

Posted - 03/12/2011 :  20:23:50  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I hate nashville, but it's Toronto

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Posted - 03/13/2011 :  01:32:19  Reply with Quote
I love how all these fans rag on Vancouver. If you cheer for another Canadian team, how about worrying about whether or not your team is going to even make it to the playoffs.. Cause when you dont, youre going to be cheering for us.

I am a die hard Canucks fan (No bandwagoning here) and all these people who hate on this team I find hilarious. Out of ALL the teams in Canada, we have the best chance to FINALLY bring the cup back home. You can cheer for whoever you want, but if you dont think Im right, you need to wake up.

The Canadian teams this year are a joke, if you put a team like Edmonton or Ottawa somewhere in the USA the owners would go bankrupt. The only reason Montreal and Toronto still have teams is because they are original six and their set in stone in the city where they originated. Half the fans who talk trash about how the Canucks havent won a cup werent even alive when their home team did. Quit reminiscing.

The fact is, no Canadian team has won the cup since 93, and when the Canucks are the only team left in the running from Canada, all you "fans" are going to be cheering for us too. Best in the West, best in the league, youre ONLY Canadian shot to bring this home.

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Posted - 03/13/2011 :  03:07:49  Reply with Quote
should we talk about the nhl's most hated team or most hated fans?

If we forget about fans and talk only about teams, i gotta say florida. THis team has been unable to produce any good players, or exciting hockey, for...well...ever. Plus, when'S the last time they'Ve had a winning record? 96?

if we talk about most hated fans, well, there's no need to talk about the ones in phoenix, atlanta, nashville etc ..there are so few of them than none of us really care about them lol.

When it comes to ''real'' nhl fans, i got say montreal are the worst. by far. attend one of their game and you'll know what i' talking about. THey are even worst than toronto fans when it comes to ''we are at the centre on the universe'' way of thinking. by far the ,most arrogant. Their ''olé olé olé oollléééé'' chant is so damn annoying. And let'S not even talk about all the mayhem that occur in town when they win a playoff round....they arent too good at being smart...setting cars on fire is more their thing....
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Top Prospect

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Posted - 03/16/2011 :  11:38:59  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
This is for guest 9621. You can't be serious about the Ottawa fans. Have you ever been to a leaf game. They are the worst of the worst there is nothing on Gods green earth that is worse than a leaf fan...NOTHING!!! No idea why a team that is that bad gets so much coverage.
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Posted - 03/17/2011 :  10:44:25  Reply with Quote
easily the montreal canadiens, not only do i hate the team, but i probably hate their fans even more, just a bunch of morons, a good example is right now and them sitting outside the bell centre protesting the chara hit, next they are gonna loot their own stores like the playoffs last year, oh yeah we won a game, lets loot and destroy our city...idiots
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Posted - 05/20/2011 :  10:52:50  Reply with Quote
And Nucks is still dumb. The good thing is that I'll only have to hear about it for another few days. Chicago lays another beating down on those "Nucks" who will be setting up tee times by Monday.

Oh Really!
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