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George Zoran
Top Prospect

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Posted - 12/02/2005 :  21:27:42  Show Profile
Anyone else fed up with hearing about how the instigator rule prohibits the league’s “tough guys” from protecting the star players? It is always a popular topic, and even more so recently with all the goaltender injuries due to forwards crashing the crease.

Let’s review the rule: it states that the instigator of a fight will receive a two minute minor penalty for instigating, a five minute major for fighting and a ten minute misconduct. If the same player instigates a second fight in the same game, they will receive a game misconduct along with the same major and minor penalties as the first offence. If it happens in the last five minutes of the game, an automatic one game suspension is awarded and unless his name is Wayne Gretzky, the coach of the instigator will be fined $10,000.

So let’s say someone decides to throw a Brian Marchmentesque knee job on Markus Naslund. If I am Mark Crawford, I send Wade Brookbank out to drop the gloves the very next shift, whether he has to start it or not; the instigator rule doesn’t even cross my mind. Look what happened last season when Steve Moore took a run at Naslund. Had Brookbank fought him the very next shift, it would have put an end to the incident.

The protection of the team’s best player is worth giving up a two minute powerplay. And is losing Wade Brookbank for ten minutes going to affect the team at all? He barely sees two shifts a period and averages only five minutes per game. I don’t think he will be missed.

Brian Mcgrattan has a handful of stars to protect on the Senators. Rarely is he on the ice for more than four minutes a game. Even in the last five minutes of the game he should be ready to go when needed. Taking a suspension for the team is his job. It should not deter him from protecting Heatley, Alfredsson, Spezza, Hasek… need I go on? The importance of keeping their stars healthy should override the meager $10,000 fine. Losing one or more of their stars could cost the Sens a Stanley Cup.

It doesn’t always have to be about protecting your star player. Sometimes it is worth taking an instigator penalty to discipline one of the league’s biggest pests. I am sure if you ask Darcy Hordichuk of the Nashville Predators, he would tell you that pounding on Sean Avery was worth the 2-5-10 and game misconduct.

So enough with the excuses…

Have an opinion on George's article? Let us know. Just hit reply below and post your thoughts. Anything goes...but keep it clean.
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Donald Beckett
Top Prospect

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Posted - 12/05/2005 :  09:17:34  Show Profile
Looks like Brian Murray doesn't get the speacial treatment that Gretzky does. But why have Chara do the dirty work?
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Top Prospect

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Posted - 12/05/2005 :  11:59:01  Show Profile
Everybody talks about how this rule allows players to take runs at star players and that they aren't allowed to be protected. The last time I checked, star players don't play in a bubble and are just as likely to be hit as the next guy. Does that mean that if I'm a defenceman about to defend Naslund, I'm not allowed to breathe on him for fear that I might be labeled a cheap shot artist. When Steve Moore hit Naslund, Naslund was cutting across the middle with his head down and got hit like any other player would. Maybe star players should begin to look after themselves and not put themselves in those situations where the rules of hockey allow them to be hit, or begin to stick up for themselves such as Jarome Iginla does.
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PickupHockey Pro

398 Posts

Posted - 12/06/2005 :  09:26:07  Show Profile
DallasJ you are delusional. Sure star players don't play in bubbles but idiots like Sean Avery, Brian Marchment, and Denis Gauthier don't just breathe on the Naslunds and Spezzas of the league - they are cheap shot artists and do cause serious injuries. Where would the game be without these stars. They are who sell tickets and make the highlights and make people watch this great game. It's not the star players job to goon it up. They score goals and win games. Goons are goons for a reason and have a specific job to do. Sure we all know Jarome Iginla is a tough kid who can look after himself but if he takes a knee from Brian Marchment should Chris Simon not step in?
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